Sprint Medical: who we are

Sprint Medical is a young Singapore company. We distribute innovative medical devices. Our range tend to be disruptive and strives to improve patient experience. Being a new generation company we leverage clinical & digital means to improve engagement to serve customers. The product lines are typically personal use devices used in hospital or at home.


Core products:


Our Orthopedics range assists in surgical planning of total knee arthoplasty and follow up personal rehab tools > Click here

Edema management

The size of a wrist watch and worn at the knee, the Geko™ device gently stimulates the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps, > Click here


Chronic pain

Easy to use at home pain therapy for edema and musculo skeletal pain treatment. backed by clinical studies, >  Click here


Why us

For users & patients

You can expect fast and accurate service. The key is transparency in communications. The most important : cancellation and refund policy are found on our terms of business. You will also find PDPA declaration there. Please visit the appropriate product pages meant for you. 

For clinicians

Out portfolio of  products need to have good clinical value reducing cost and improving outcomes. We typically would focus on innovative and disruptive devices. You will find us easy to do business with. Just like with our end users, transparency is key in our dealing.

For suppliers

We believe in total transparency and communicating right market information. We expect reasonable help from you to serve our customers, in line with our core values, 


Sprint Medical Pte Ltd, 2020

A Singapore company